Thank you and your paper for promoting ETA from terrorist to independentist, from killers to freedom fighters. The lefty press´s been doing it many years here in Spain, and the yellow papered English press too, always so accurate with the facts.

May I sugget you to read Spanish history next time? Let me get you a couple of hints:

ETA is a local basque mafia. The politics, nowadays, is the ir financial alibi. Even if they do a “hold on fire”, their local activities -chantage, drug and weapons traffic- never stop. They are the Bilbao Sopranos. Not Freedom Fighters.

Same as Franco banned some idioms after war, he restored them in the earlier fifties. Tons of fotographs and text files prove it. Lesser each day, because the national files are being held by nationalists and socialists in many regions, and we both know what is espected to do a socialist or a spanish nacionalist with historic files. Enough of that, please. Idioms were banned and restored.

In politics, you miss again when missing that ETA demand an independent socialist republic. With ETA on streets, in an independent Basque Country, ETA would raise and coupe it in no time. Terrorists are terrorists, man. Not only the ones that threaten you. Terrorists are terrorists.

In the day-after-day, again, you miss that one third of basques say to claim for independence, only because of the nazi-like social terror that the “clean” arms of ETA apply to his beloved basque people. On Euskadi, for thirty years, you couldn’t talk loud, but whisper, and thinking very well who are you talking to, because you or your family, friends and neighbours will be compromised. Not only killed. Killings are numbers, and readers have learned to do much bigger body counts than ETA´s. But menace, blackmail, abuse and harrasment. The terror. Thanks, pal, for supporting the good will of the only ones that can talk loud without fear of he or his family get killed or menaced. Only in the last years this is changing. You know, democracy defeating terror? In basques streets, freedom happens where ETA has no power.

As I said, I´m tired of the Spanish-lefty-press-ETA-mini-clap-hands, specially with Zapatero-I-the-Fool in charge, but sadly I see how good newspapers buy the bad information this gang (and this government) sell.

You sound like a genuine no-murdered-or-abused-family-human-being. Good for you, bad for your readers. If you only knew a bit of the pain and violence that is generated by bad informations like your clean-hands-crap, your readers would get, for sure, a most accurate information. And forget my bad english, miss my words, but remember the feeling.

I dont know, maybe a writer of a paper named Wall Street Journal should understand how it feels to see your enemy being celebrated or mischarged by strangers.

So, thank you for your cheap-writing, pal.

Where are we going to arrive?


  1. Sonja diciembre 29, 2010 / 12:43 pm

    A mi lo que me tiene algo mosqueada es que en los dos últimos años tanta Rubalcaba como la ETA elija precisamente el día de los santos inocentes para anunciar cosas, el año pasado con lo del posible atentado de ETA en que Rubalcaba nos acongojó vivamente, este año como estamos blindados pues ya no procede pero aún así ese día se termina hablando de ETA, pues no le veo la gracia la verdad.

  2. monolocus diciembre 29, 2010 / 1:19 pm

    Pues no me había fijado. A ver si nos van a colgar los monigotes en la nuca con pistola de clavos…


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